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Light Gauge Structural Panel Systems

Robert D Young Construction has been installing cold formed panelized wall panels and floor joist for sometime now.  We are very excited about the possibilities that this fast track construction can offer builders of multi floor facilities.  Depending on the building layout and design we can cover 20,000 square feet of floor area with exterior and corridor bearing walls, floor joists, and metal pan decking in two weeks.  Gypcrete or concrete is then poured over this metal decking and we start going vertical again.

This type of construction is not only fast but is designed as a much lighter construction. The normally used “red iron” steel is not needed and the need for thick concrete piers, foundations and floor slabs results in serious dollars in your pocket.  Additionally, our panels can be delivered to the jobsite with sheathing, Tyvek and even exterior EIFS already installed.

We have teamed up with a manufacturer of this system that has dozens of buildings they have designed. We work hand in hand with our partner to ensure your building is designed and priced in the most economical and expeditious way possible.

If you’re interested please contact us and we will team with you and our manufacturer’s engineers for a project you will be more than happy with.




  • Can meet demanding schedules without delays of inclement weather
  • Quality is controlled in the shop
  • Waste debris and clean up is significantly reduced
  • Material staging area on site is significantly reduced
  • Reduces the safety risks
  • Puts dollars in your pocket and exceeds the speed of normal wall and floor / ceiling construction.

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